PORTO Tawny, 30 Years, Rouge, Douro
Quinta de Santa Eufémia

PORTO Tawny, 30 Years, Rouge, Douro

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A color already with green reflexes, in the mouth feels dry fruits, nuts and apricots blend with exotic wood. Very spicy and some acidity that make it feel even so old and very persistent, still freshness.


The vines are very old, with more than 30 years this wine was a blend of different traditional varieties from Douro to make Port Wine. They were la Tinta Barca, Mourisco Tinto, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Francesa.


The grapes are handpicked by different vines from the quinta.
The vinification was in granite treading tanks (lagares), using traditional treading. Grapes were picked with 13o or 14o alcohol graduation.

The fermentation was interrupted by the addition of grape spirit (brandy) .


In their stage, they are maintained in big oak barrils with the capacity of 11000 liters where they stay during the first 10 years. After that they goes to small barrils of 550 liters (pipas), with more than 50 years, where they stay all the time, suffering the process of micro-oxidation, developing aromas and flavors’ very complexes. Each barril is different and is from a blend, selection made by the enolog that is created this 30 years Tawny.

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